A short note about Coursera

I used to have a separate page dealing with Coursera on this blog.  But, I wanted to clean up the whole site so it was time to delete it.  Before I did, I thought I’d post what I had originally put on the page so I didn’t lose the content completely.  I wrote this in late June 2012 and it shows what I set out to do by signing up for some of the courses:

I signed up for some Coursera courses – a new experience!  I’ll be blogging about my impressions, tagging those posts “coursera.”  My goals for this are to:

  1. See what it’s like to take a very large course online from the student perspective.
  2. Learn interesting things.

First, I signed up for two courses.  One is on “Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act” and the other is about Vaccines.  Both started June 25, 2012.

Because it’s so easy to sign up, I’ve actually enrolled in several more courses which start later this summer and in the fall.  This smattering currently includes (but is not limited to!): Introduction to FinanceA History of the World since 1300, and Model Thinking.  If you are interested in these or other courses – simply peruse the options at www.coursera.org.


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