I have a friend, and she’s doing something amazing.

I have the pleasure of being a friend of Dr. The Liz and I wanted to direct you, dear readers, to her recent chronicles.  After earning a PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology here at The University of Michigan, she bought an RV affectionately named The Turtle and took off to explore, learn, talk, listen and record.

So far, she has two shows – though one is on a small hiatus (a fact I am desperately lobbying to change).  Point A to Point B is a show offering glimpses into the lives of people she meets along the way.  Watch out: this show can be a real tear-jerker.  A profound and lovely tear-jerker, but one nonetheless.  I heard about many of these stories from her on the phone as I obsessively called her daily in her early travels to ensure she was, in fact, still alive.  I heard about the events in this episode while in the Detroit airport on my way to Northern Virginia to see some family.  This was just a day before hurricane Sandy.  Cue ominous music.  But, what’s truly spectacular is watching how she weaves her experiences and the conversations she has with people together into each episode.  It’s like a grittier This American Life.

Her new show, Hugabug, is a science show about bugs.  Fair warning, this show is perhaps not for the squeamish?  Though that may just be the first episode (which I loved).  The episodes are short, maybe 10-20 minutes, and you learn some truly fascinating things about bugs.  You know what JBS Haldane said about the Creator right?  That if there is one, he’s got an “inordinate fondness for beetles.”  Well, here you can learn about beetles and other bugs and all their wondrous forms, features and functions.  Remember, hug a bug, don’t squish them.

If you feel so inclined, I would also recommend her back-episodes of “Break your Radio” – her show on WCBN.

So there you go.  Now you know about my friend Dr. The Liz.  She’s a real cool person, so if you meet her, consider yourself lucky.  You don’t meet people quite as cool as The Liz very often.  So there’s my follow friday:  @lizwason.


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