CHI 2013 – Best Paper Honorable Mention!

Well – what a fun experience working for Steve Jackson is.  He is great.  A wonderful mentor, a truly clever researcher and all around nice guy.  Since January 2010, I have been a research assistant for him on a grant (as part of an NSF “CAREER” award) to study patterns of collaboration and governance of large ecological projects and programs.  There’s a lot to that, and we’ve collected a ton of data through dozens of interviews and site visits.  From this really rich data set, we’ve started to pull together a few papers on a variety of fairly different topics.

Happy news on that front:  we submitted a paper to the annual CHI conference this year and it was accepted!  Hooray!  Not only that, but look:   

CHI 2013 Best of CHI ListSee that little award medal on the right side?  Yeah that means we’re on this list of “Best of CHI” for which we earned an honorable mention.  Wahoo!

The conference is in late April (in PARIS! – I have demanded Steve bring back some chocolate… that’s okay right?), so I’ll post an update when the article is available on the ACM database (sorry, it’s behind a paywall; my one huge regret about this that it’s not OA).

Now that I’m working full time for the UM Library, I only have time to devote a few hours weekly on the weekends to this – but it is still completely worth it!  I have found the paper writing process (really, more than just the writing but all aspects of data analysis, analysis of emerging themes, writing, the dreaded formatting, etc.) all fairly overwhelming, but quite interesting too.  I think if I help him eek out a few more papers, I’ll be fairly comfortable and confident leading such a project in the future.  I’ve already started to map out a paper (or poster or something) about some library work I do, so perhaps I’ll use this blog in the future to explore that a bit further.


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