I saw this on twitter several days (really probably more like weeks!) ago:  StackLife.  What a fascinating way to visualize the catalog.  I like it, though I probably would not prefer that as my sole interface.  As they say on their website, it’s only a prototype, but very neat concept regardless.

For example, search for “Digital Copyright” by Jessica Litman, something I’m currently working through, and you ultimately get to this page.  What’s interesting is that they show a “StackLife” score and what goes into that score:  how many checkouts by what category of patron and how many libraries hold a copy of the book.

I wonder what will become of this project.  What do you say, librarians and other information professionals?  Do you like this way to visualize the information?  Or do you prefer current methods?  Have you seen any other neat catalog visualizations/information displays?


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