Feeling jazzed about #MLA14AL

Today I went to the Michigan Library Association (they’re getting a new website soon I swear!) planning meeting.  It’s my first foray into conference planning beyond my home institution, and I was very pleased with the day overall.  I met quite a few people from all over Michigan in both public and academic libraries.  It was wonderful to meet a few people from Grand Valley State University – I always notice them publishing in places like College & Research Library News.  Seems like a productive group and after today, I can say they are incredibly nice as well.  🙂  Plus, I befriended a librarian from the UP… can’t beat that!

What conference am I planning, you might ask?  I am helping with the MLA’s Academic Libraries conference May 29-30 in 2014.  Our workgroup is incredibly energetic, experienced and raring to go.  We mapped out our program goals and specific outcomes this afternoon and will be dividing into sub-groups over the next few days to map out our programming, special events and marketing campaign. I think I’m going to be involved mostly on the programming side.  How exciting!

I found connecting with MLA much more accessible (both geographically, economically and organizationally) than the behemoth that is ALA.  Ultimately, I do have aspirations to get involved in a national context, but as an early career librarian, I found that just after one day, MLA is a good fit for me.  I can dive right in, offer suggestions and feedback, sign up to plan and execute tasks, and feel generally needed.  I think gaining some experience in this state level organization will give me more confidence if I ever dabble in national-level work groups.

So, get excited for my updates on the #MLA14AL (Michigan Library Association’s 2014 Academic Libraries Conference) in the coming months!


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