Sponsored Content – not for me!

On two or three occasions, seemingly real people (actually, I bet they are, in fact, real) have emailed me to (1) praise my blog (um, thanks?), (2) suggest that the content on my blog fits well with their product/service/content, and (3) request that I blog about them OR request that I put some banner or ad on my site.  The most recent request even offered me a $300 gift card to Amazon for participating in a “blogger partnership program.”  At first, I was flattered – I even replied to the first person, not realizing that this was just a way for them to get sponsored content onto my site.  But after mulling it over for a minute or two, I realized that this was so not what I wanted to do with my site. 

My site is a place for me to document, to reflect and to question.  It is not a moneymaker!  Not in practice nor in intent!  So, if you have some sponsored content (or “native advertising” as I’m learning it’s also called) you’d like me to add to this site, I’m not terribly interested.  So sorry.

In looking around the interwebs, I did find these articles that might be interesting if you are also experiencing this:


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