Hello!  My name is Sarah Barbrow and I just love libraryland.  Currently, I am back in the area in which I grew up working at the Clapp Library at Wellesley College as a social sciences research and instruction librarian.  It’s amazing and I learn new things about my subject areas and librarianship every day.

Prior to this, I hailed from Ann Arbor, Michigan where I spent almost a decade – cue the major personal growth, learning, and self-discovery; the making of life-long friendships; and the generally wonderful times.  While in Ann Arbor, I did a Masters in Ecology at the University of Michigan – where I spent several summers in the Arctic doing research on aquatic microbial communities.  I discovered a real passion for teaching during this period, and after seeking some mentorship from a science librarian here at the University Library, I decided to embark on a future as a librarian myself.  I couldn’t be happier.

After completing a second Masters at the University of Michigan School of Information, I took a position at the University Library as a Special Projects Librarian supporting Library Administration.  In this role, I was a Jill of All Trades – managing projects of varying scopes facilitating work in a number of units in the library; supporting, organizing and leading staff development planning activities and actual workshops; organizing, running, and promoting a number of successful events (both one time gigs and repeating series); engaging on library, university, and state library association committees; and anything else Administration needed to help things run smoothly.

I am passionate about (among other things):

  • Connecting people who have some (information related or other) needs with the right people, technology, techniques and tools that can help them
  • Teaching, outreach, and community engagement – whether to patrons or library staff members or anyone else
  • Project management and process improvement

… and I think these passions serve the library community quite well.

If you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to email me at sbarbrow at wellesley dot edu.

Finally, of course, anything said here on this blog is a product of my own opinions, thoughts, etc. and not of my employer(s), whomever they may be.


One thought on “About

  1. You are the best, Sarah B! I’m going to see if the AADL will let me borrow “Ready Player One.” I need to swing by there anyway to pick up the lunch cooler I got through the Summer Game!

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